Lil' Bear Contracting Corp

Tyler Salon is First Nation from the Sandy Bay Reserve. At a very young age Tyler began learning how to run equipment. He landed his first full-time job running an excavator doing civil work at a RV Park in Chase. After accumulating hands on experience for several months he expanded his skills in other areas. This included areas such as rock building, civil work, foundation prep, land clearing and other various jobs around western Canada. Tyler gained and built on pre-existing skills while working in Fort Mac in oil and refinery. He’s built relationships with companies like the JV Driver Group, Flint Energy and others that were working in Northern Alberta during this time. Tyler prides himself in providing quality work, ensuring high safety standards, and employing First Nation members who have similar values. With over 10+ years experience in the construction industry and being 100% Indigenous owned, Lil’ Bear Contracting Corp is here to provide top notch service. 

Contact us : 250-574-4879